Born in Ukraine in a small beautiful romantic setting inspired Gabriela born Galina Stepanovna to love music at an early age. By the time she was seven years old, she started her classical piano education.
After her graduation from Rimsky Korsakov St-Petersburg State Conservatory in Piano/Vocal in 1994 she embarked for a three months tour to Cyprus. It was her first unforgettable foreign experience playing the piano and singing alone. Her next contract brought Gabriela in Italy.

Then she started to perform in some finest Club and Hotels in Central, Southern, Northern Europe. She was also playing in UAE, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Russia.

In 2001 Gabriela produced her first Album called Gabriela Pianosongs (included 14evergreen samples) which focused on her talent as a solo Performer.

Her Repertoire is inspired by great Performers such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Cole Porter, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall as well as Pop music by Elton John, Billy Joel the Beatles and many more. Her Jazz Acoustic Piano Vocal Album was called “Inspiration” and produced in 2004 with 15cover samples.

In 2006 Gabriela produced her next Album “I am not that Kind of Woman”original material (all instruments, beats and backing vocals arranged and performed by Gabriel Gini.

Gabriela Gini was lately involved in a duo project with Norman Hale, In January 2009 their promotional Album called “Let’s Swing Tonight” Contains 13 Cover Samples nice mix of Jazz/Swing, was recorded in Switzerland.


Her latest Solo Album called “Passion” Gabriela produced in 2015. The Album contains 17Songs it’s a great mix of Jazz/Soul, Rock& Blues,Funk and Pop, sung in various languages, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian.
Her dedication to her talent is constant. She continues her piano/vocal private trainning for pianobar and audiences, sharing her talent for love of music for their enjoyment.